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Take the golden path

We are Zion, the all-in-one Streetwear, NFT and Anime brand that bridges Web2 and Web3 together. With this exclusive SOULZ mint, your personal spirit of Zeal is brought to life. Enter The Holy City and manifest your SOULZ!

Here's why you should mint ZION

Unrivalled art

With over 550 hand-drawn traits and 9 months in the making, the SOULZ are setting a new bar and changing the NFT game as we know it.

PFP quality

SOULZ are designed to be rocked as profile pictures, due to their avatar characteristics and high quality art, showing off their high demand and limited supply.

Utility first

Utility, utility, utility! Zion builds nonstop and released staking and merch even BEFORE mint! Watch out for the coolest MvX dApp seen to date!

Brand discounts

ZEALOUS CLOTHING line was just the start. ZION Holders will enjoy various benefits and discounts across all released products.

Building together

Our community will always be the center of Zion. Our holders will help build The Holy City with us, and for all to come!

Top tier benefits

With every addition we make and will make to our multiverse, the SOULZ holders will always be our #1 priority. The SOULZ are the firstborns and heirs of Zion.

Ready to conquer the webs?

We have never been more serious about creating something truly magical and unique.

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